For Awopeju Olaniyi Philips aka King Phillipiano, it was fame or nothing as the self-professed herbalist stormed the Ultima Studio in his full traditional regalia to slug it out with other music enthusiasts in the Lagos audition of Project Fame West Africa season 9.
Adorned in beads, robes, animal skin and a horsetail to match, the chap claims his costume represents the cultural diversity and the unity of the African continent. Like many others who thronged the Ultima Studio, he had the singular objective of reaching musical fame on the Project Fame platform.
However, for this feat to be achieved, King Phillipiano believed his costume would prove his seriousness to the judges. Like the celebrity he dreamt to be, his presence attracted paparazzi on the yellow carpet.

However, the fame King Phillipiano sought wouldn’t come cheaply for as he had to showcase his vocal prowess to convince the panel of judges comprising Gloria Rhodes, CobhamsAsuquo, and Shola Allyson.

Well, his magic could only get him as far as the arena. His vocal power wasn’t convincing enough for the judges who were nonetheless thrilled by his comical performance and elaborate regalia. He’ll have to try again next time, but not after proper consultations with the oracles.