Harrysong recently spoke on how his aged mother escaped being burnt alive by some angry youth from two communities. The youths were from Ogbe-Ijoh and Aladja in Delta State. They were having a bloody land dispute which led to loss of lives and properties. The Reggae Blues singer said the angry youth moved to his family house to burn it down not caring if anyone was inside. His aged grandmother was inside and was quickly rescued by close relative of the singer.

My community, Ogbe-Ijoh, where my grandmother resides had a serious clash with a neighbouring community called Aladja. My grandmother who means more than the whole world to me narrowly escaped being lynched by the youths of Aladja.

He also spoke on how some people where not fortunate and got burnt in their own houses.

When I first heard of the clash, I feared for my aged grandmother’s life, because some who couldn’t escape before the violence worsened were burnt inside their houses.

Harrysong also spoke on how some of the youths came to meet him asking for money for ammunition and how he talked them out of fighting each other.

It is no news that youths of Ogbe-Ijoh and Aladja see me as their mouth piece and ambassador. In the heat of the crisis they sometimes called and asked me to provide them with funds to buy ammunition, but with wisdom I was able to talk them out of fighting each other.

The singer is also planning a Peace concert on July 31 where he can preach peace to warring communities in Delta State. The event will be held at the Asaba Event Center popularly known as The Dome.

Source Linjust