Gunmen attacked soldiers on a search mission in Niger state – 11 soldiers were conformed dead while one is still missing – 8 bandits were killed while 57 suspects were arrested 11 Nigerian soldiers have died and one has been confirmed missing following an attack on them by gun runners and armed bandits in Kopa, Dagma and Gagaw villages of Bosso local government area in Niger. In a statement issued by the spokesperson of the army, Colonel Sani Kukasheka Usman, he explained that the troops were on an assignment to safeguard the area when they came under heavy attack. He said eight bandits were killed while 57 suspects were apprehended
The suspected gun runners and armed bandits also burnt down 4 operational vehicles and vandalized 2 others. Bandits also carted away 4 AK-47 rifles and one Fabrique Nationale (FN) rifle belonging to the deceased soldiers. The troops also killed 8 of the armed bandits and arrested 57 others. They also recovered large quantity of arms and ammunition. The recovered items include; 3 AK-47 rifles,10 Local AK-47 Rifles, 9 Locally made Pistols, 6 Revolver guns, which fires 7.62mm (Special ammunition), 45 Loaded Dane guns, 10 Clubs and Cudgels, 41 Arrows, 18 Bow cases, 122 Cutlasses and Machetes as well as 20 Daggers. Other items recovered include 31 Axes, 63 rounds of 7.62 (Special) Ammunition, 10 Bajaj Motorcycles, Assorted Charms and Amulets, 2 Vehicles, 38 mobile telephone handsets, a wristwatch, 5 Identity Cards, Passport Photographs, Cash sum of N23,870.00k, 5 Japanese Yen and 35 different denominations of old Nigerian currency, 15 Catapults, 8 Torchlights, 2 Gun Powder bottles, 4 empty cases of Ammunition and 41 Cartridges.

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