A man named Ezekiel Igbokwe, 32 year old, has been accused of murdering his wife’s lover
when he catch two of them in a romantic position in his house. The victim, 28-year-old Victor Olatundun, who was rumoured to be secretly having a romantic affair with Juliet Igbokwe, was in their matrimonial bed with her when her husband suddenly returned from a business trip

With the angr Ezekiel flew into a blind rage, picked up a cutlass and butchered his wife’s lover. Ezekiel and Juliet Igbokwe have been married for 12 years, they live in Ago-Iwoye, Ogun state with their three children

Ezekiel Igbokwe’s statement:

“I travelled to Onitsha on July 25. When I came back on the 27th, I met a man inside my room and we started fighting. The man was stronger than I and I didn’t know what to do. Then I got a cutlass from my toilet and cut him in the hand. He died on the way, while policemen were taking him to the hospital, because their car ran out of fuel. I never suspected my wife of infidelity before the incident. It is not my intention to waste a soul like this. It is Satan’s work; if I really know it will be like this, I would have walked away. My aim was to injure him, go to the police station and make a report. PWe did not quarrel before I went to Onitsha. She has three children for me. But I got to know my wife had one child before we met.”

His wife Juliet statement:

“I did not know what came over me to have allowed my lover access to my matrimonial home. When my husband and I quarrel, he would leave us and travel for months. I have known Olatundun for 6 months. My husband is not taking care of me. He always leaves me and the children to suffer at home.”