Deputy superintendent of prison (DSP) Kalu Ikpe, revealed that there at least 80 insane prisoners in Aba, Abia state. He said that the prison was taking care of the insane persons to ensure that they were stabilized enough to enable them answer their respective charges in court.
Read his statement:

“Sometimes even here in Umuahia where there is no asylum, we receive them but when after sometimes we observe a strange behavior, we do a referral and send them to Aba where there is an asylum,” he was quoted by Vanguard newspaper.

“Those who are not normal are put under observation and are made to see psychiatric doctors who work daily to ensure that their drugs are administered.

“You know that the prison inmates are our brothers, so we cannot abandon them,” he said. He said that the prison had no means of discovering if a potential inmate was sane or not at the point of receiving him, but would keep custody of anyone with valid arrest warrants.

“In a situation where the individual’s case becomes worse or unmanageable by us, we alert the courts who committed them to our care. “Depending on the nature of the alleged crime committed by the inmates, they are the people that can take decisions on their matters,”

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A prison yard in Nigeria