The complete story of  how eight people were burnt to death by a mob in Talata Marafa town of Zamfara state.

According to Talata Mafara, Salisu Mafara, residing in the area of the incident, said trouble began when a student of the Abdu Gusau Polytechnic was accused of blasphemy against Prophet Muhammad by fellow students.

Read how it happened according to Mafara:

thing they said about governor “The young man was a Muslim before he converted to Christianity and fellow students always accused him of saying nasty things about Islam.

“However, he reportedly said terrible things about the prophet and the students around descended on him and he was seriously injured,” Marafa told Premium Times.

Mafara said another resident of the town who spoke the same language with the accused student came to his rescue. “When they noticed that he was not moving at all, they thought he was dead, but one man who is from the same tribe with him now came and took him to hospital in his car.

“When the mob got to know what happened, they now began to rush to the General Hospital. However, that man just dropped the boy in the hospital and left.

“But before the mob could reach the hospital, another young man, who is an indigene of Mafara, but is a boyfriend to the sister of the attacked student, reached the Hospital before them and took away the injured man before the mob got there.

“When they reached the hospital and realised that the injured man was not there they came back to town and when they saw the vehicle used in taking him to the Hospital the first time, they burnt it down.

“They also went to the man’s House and burnt it down with all the occupants inside. About eight people were in the house and they all died,” he said.