Source: The Mirror

A tractor mechanic believed to be in his 40s and resident of Katariga in the Sagnarigu District in the Northern Region died on the way to the hospital after he had been hit twice on the head with firewood by his second wife.

The man, whose name was only given by residents of the area as Mohammed, but popularly known as “Big Man”, is said to have fallen unconscious and bled from the nose.

He has since been buried according to the Islamic tradition and custom.

The incident

According to some eyewitnesses, on Monday, August 15, 2016, a quarrel ensued between the deceased and his second wife, Azara, at their residence.

They alleged that since Mohammed married Azara and brought her to live with him and the first wife, there had not been peace in the house, as his two wives quarrelled every day.

The eyewitnesses alleged that the first wife, who could not live with the situation, packed out, leaving her children with Mohammed and Azara.

After the first wife left, Azara picked a quarrel with her husband and refused to cook for the family and so Mohammed called his first wife to return home and take care of the family.

On the day that the first wife returned to the house, a quarrel ensued between Mohammed and Azara, which led to his death.