A young man called Ejiblinks Ofoegbu writes an open letter to Nnamdi Kanu, the Biafra leader showing his loyalty, support and love.

Read his opinion:

Dear Sir, I was one of those people that abused and discriminated you at the first time out of ignorance, I was one of the fools that said you were preaching hate, and I went as far as saying “this man should not divide this country out of his selfish interest.”

Little did I know you saw the future ahead of me, little did I know you were lamenting because of my own good, time have proven you right and worthy to be called a prophet, I never knew that such a buoyant and gallant man can ever emerge in Igbo land, they say we love money, and can never be one, you have shown the whole world that an Igbo man can love his brother without looking for money.
Nigeria is sinking just because you told them the truth, the world is collapsing just because of the truth you let them know, the black race is wising up, just because of you, Buhari men are on the run, because you let them know the truth, Christianity is sinking, because you let them know the real way of worshiping God, the whole world will have been in a mess if not you.

Buhari saw you as a small boy… The North saw you as a man who preaches hate, Obasanjo saw you as a hungry man, Ohanaeze saw you as a nobody, little did they know you control an army of million, your children are everywhere in the world, lamenting for your release and for Biafra to come.

Each time I remember your courage, I stand in awe to you, you will never cease to exist in my mind, you made me to know my true identity, because of you, I now know that those from Ijaw, Igala, Isoko, Calabar, and co are my brothers, without you, we were lost, without you, we will have been Islamized, you are the true mark of a hero, my children will know about your gallant work, I will tell my next generation of you.

Thank you Nnamdi Kanu, you are my hero, my inspiration, you gave me a shoulder to lean on, you have chosen death because of me, you have chosen to be in detention because of me, you are the Christ I know,  words can never explain how I feel about you, may you live long, and see Biafra. Because of you, I am proudly a Biafran.