President Mohammadu Buhari and Olusegun Obasango attended the sixth Tokyo International Conference on African Development in Nairobi and however two of them were spotted having a crucial meeting on Sunday, August, 28 2016.

Also at the session was Oba Otudeko,  the chairman of Honeywell group. At the plenary session, Buhari said his administration is implementing policies and measures to create right and enabling environment for business and investors in Nigeria.

Buhari said that by the year 2019, Nigeria will be one of the best places to invest and do business.

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His statement:

‘‘We believe government has a particular responsibility to create right and attractive environment for businesses and economic activities to thrive.

‘‘In furtherance of this vision, we have launched the Presidential Enabling Environment Council (PEEC) and Inter-Ministerial Council to oversee the efforts of government to remove various bottlenecks that stifle businesses and economic activities and thereby create economic activities and the right enabling environment and investment climate in Nigeria.

‘‘The secretariat will include strong private sector representation that would be led by experienced business professionals from the private sector.”
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