Youths of Obubo community in Anambra state attacked  Rev. Father, named Fidelis Ifeanyichukwu Ugozo on Tuesday, August 30 2016, because the youth felt that the priest and some of his followers were trying to destroy the shrine of a deity in Obubo community.

According to the report, the whole thing started when the priest and some of his followers who were carrying out a rosary procession around some of the villages were stopped by one of the youth leaders in the village, Gabriel Ikegbunam, who felt the clergy man and his followers were out to burn down their deity.

Ikegbunam refused them entering his village which resulted confrontation between him, priest and the followers. Due to the confrontation Ikegbunam started making calls, calling some youths from the village to attack the priest and others who were mainly women and children.

The youths arrived the scene armed with axes, guns and machetes, beat the Catholic priest severely and stabbed him in the face.

The priest was rushed to unknown hospital at Ebenebe, but the Ebenebe Deanery Chaplain later transferred him to St. Joseph’s hospital, Adazi Ani in Anambra state.