Ginger is a herbaceous, perennial plant native to South Eastern Asia. It is commonly called ginger root but it is actually a rhizome, or a horizontal underground stem that gives rise to roots above the ground. This aromatic herb has a spicy, pungent and citrus like test that has made it popular n Asian cuisine. It is grown in large quantities in Jamaica, but is also cultivated in many Asian countries and around the world.

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1 Ginger is well known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Due to this, it is very useful in               reducing any joint inflammations and pain.

Due to its antioxidant property, it increases the flow of blood by detoxifying it of its harmful impurities.

  • Ginger juice kills cancer-causing cells. In this way, it helps cure cancer. Regular intake of ginger slows down the growth of breast cancer cells.
  • For people suffering from high blood pressure, ginger juice is very helpful. It helps reduce the blood pressure immediately by making the blood thinner. Ginger juice mixed with the little amount of honey is an ideal dosage.
  • Juice of ginger reduces pain like a toothache, migraines and also any joint pain.
  • Any digestive disorder is cured by this juice. It helps in removal of all stomach impurities and also helps in the movement of food from the stomach to the intestines. So any pain and disorder in the stomach can be taken care of by having little ginger juice.
  • People suffering from arthritis or joint inflammations can be cured by mere ginger juice. As already discussed it has anti-inflammatory properties due to which it is very helpful in curing arthritis.
  • This juice makes the blood thinner and thus removes any blockages during blood flow. Due to this it also helps in preventing heart attacks.
  • Ginger possesses antiviral and antibacterial properties which make it an ideal choice during cold, flu or nausea. It kills the bacteria causing cough and cold thus providing relief.
  • Ginger juice if taken regularly helps in reducing acne and pimples. It also controls their re-occurrence in future.
  • Ginger Juice For Hair Care: Who doesn’t want to have shiny and long hair? If you consume ginger juice regularly, you can have them. Ginger juice also acts as an excellent conditioner that leaves your hair soft.It can be directly applied to the scalp too. It might cause a mild irritation at first as it stimulates the blood flow. It also helps in reducing dandruff.