Lizzie was born with lipodystrophy, a rare syndrome that makes it impossible for her to gain weight no matter  how often she eats.  It has caused her early aging and has left her blind in one eye.

When she was17, she found a video of herself on YouTube titled The world’s ugliest woman which caused hurt and trauma, but things changed when she turned 21 .

She decided to look beyond  depression and published an autobiography titled Lizzie Beautiful: The Lizzie  Velasquez Story and at 24 she gave a TED talk  called How Do You Define Yourself?  The talk was about how she overcame cyber bullying and how she tackled obstacles she has faced in her life. Today the TED talk has over 9 million YouTube views.

Atimes she remembers how she felt, the first time she saw the YouTube video:

“Some of the comments said things like ‘just put a gun to your head and take yourself out of the world because people will go blind when they see yourself”. The terrible thing is that she actually considered it…But Lizzy chose not to listen to those comments and lived her life to the fullest.