Niger Delta youth association worldwide has listed six factors that government will look into to sustain peace in the oil-rich region.

Comrade Victor, the founder listed six factors that will help sweep off rule of law, check and balance power across the country.

He said:

If these factors are completed it will help sustain peace in Niger Delta and we can’t continue to shy away from the truth. The Niger Delta people have suffered; they are breastfeeding the rest of the state in Nigeria.

“There are six factors that will help sustain peace in Niger Delta:

1 Massive development of infrastructure facilities,


  1. Creating employment opportunities for the youth,


  1. Clean up all the affected areas,


  1. Create steady scholarships from the oil companies as part of compensation for the environmental degradation such as gas pollution and oil spill in the rivers,


  1. Investment in agriculture (fish farm and poultry etc.) and this should be Nigeria plan B in case we ran out of oil in future.


  1. Give opportunity for young leadership because our elders have failed us immensely and those elected should provide proper accountability across the country because it’s the duty of every state to do so which engulf the rule of law. The fostering of human rights across the region is very vital because this is the hallmark of democracy and will help achieve the above.”