Adebayo Shittu, the minister of communications, has restated that the federal government will go ahead to collect tax on all phone calls, text messages and data plans.

According to The Premium Times, the minister of communications told News Agency of Nigeria on Friday in Osogbo, Osun state, that reason for phone tax law is because, government wants to improve the communications sector and telecommunication infrastructure.

“We have a lot of deficiency in the provision of infrastructure in the telecommunication sector.
“And I believe that those who proposed the bill must have thought that government centrally relies on tax because without tax, government cannot operate.”
“We are proposing a workshop on the bill for all stakeholders in telecommunication services, operators and even ordinary man.
“I hope that at the appropriate time, when the figures are out, everybody will appreciate the need for such a tax in which at the end of the day will improve services and make everybody happy. “Everybody is complaining every day over lack of quality and good services, drop calls and all of that.
“All these are caused by deficiency in infrastructure and Nigerians, I believe that we cannot shy away from what will provide government with resources to improve facilities.”