A newly formed militant group, Niger Delta Volunteers (NDV), has sent warning message to President Muhammadu Buhari-led administration not to pay attention to leaders of the MEND, Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta. The group said that MEND does not exist again on Friday, September 2.

The militant group appreciated Chief Edwin Clark for his singular effort in bringing together ethnic groups for ethnic unification and seriously aimed at solving the problems in the Niger Delta area.

The group statement:

“We are aware that the original MEND is DEAD and no longer in operation or existence and we already know the 5th columnists and the moles in the NIGER DELTA, that have avail themselves to our oppressors to act as obstacles to the efforts of Chief Edwin Clark and the Traditional Rulers of the NIGER DELTA.

“The ex-militants that have made themselves as moles.They should know that we are very much aware of their roles, and their locations. We are using this medium to warn them to desist or face our personnel manhunt on them in Abuja and Lagos.

“Government should desist from listening to the fake MEND that is being represented by those ex-militants Leaders that are craving for attention.”