She wrote:
“We met in April 2011 on the bike, funny right? I was on my way to the Muslim Fellowship that Sunday morning, my mum and neighbor skipped, out of anger I decided to take a bike, I was on the bike when I saw this face that looked extremely familiar on another bike, sighting me he looked shocked and waved at me casually , as a very respectful girl (don’t count on it lol) because he looked older than I am, I waved back and bent my head to greet him at the same time, two seconds after I forgot I saw anyone until my bike arrived at the fellowship and I saw his bike parked, “no wonder he looked familiar I thought, he’s a member here too “, while dragging Balance issues with my bike-man, he looked finished with his but was waiting.”
“So he said “Hi”, I looked at him thoroughly and said to myself, looks like this person wants to lose the brother I would willingly put behind whatever his name is…any way I said Hello and he said I called you yesterday you didn’t pick up, (I’ve not even met this human being, how did he get my number) I didn’t ask him how he got my number, I just simply told him I didn’t know him and zero chance I got his call.
He said he wanted to see me (what kind of devil is this, he wants to toast me right before I go to talk to my God), I don’t have time I snapped! That was it…until after a month after when I got his call again and he told me his name, and asked to see me again.”
NO), however I wasn’t able to tell him my NO that day. .. Months passed, we stayed friends, (FYI I called him”bro Dipo” all that period, checked up on each other once in a while , never had the intention of dating him until he pulled a surprise stunt on me like 6 months after, gosh! I loved him that day, I remember how much I wanted to hug him after the surprise but my pride, ego everything didn’t allow me.”
“The surprise was ‘he had been out of town, so he called me up that Saturday to check up on me, said he was still out of town and didn’t know when he would be back. Following day, Sunday in the middle of our fellowship service, I saw him…I was utterly surprised, happy and delighted to see him, that little gesture was a whole lot.
Few months after we started dating, September 2012 I guess… He eventually lost the “bro” title. Lol Two months ago, on my birthday (Sunday, 19th of June) he asked me to marry him. I’m glad I didn’t get to say NO to him when he asked me out in the first place. And I will say YES, over and over again. We don’t have a date yet, but we will be ringing our wedding bell real soon.”
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