Paul Praise, known gospel singer is down with renal failure. The gospel singer who is known for the popular song My God is Good (Double Double) is battling with his health as his two kidneys have stopped working and he has been undergoing dialysis at NAF Base hospital, Ikeja Lagos.
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Paul needs the sum of nine million naira for a kidney transplant. An account has been opened to raise the needed sum with the name Egberamen Paul Praise, account No 2009737820 at Zenith bank.

When he was interviewed on Sunday, September 4, he said that trouble started in January, 2016 when he was having pains. He went to the hospital and was told one of his kidneys has collapsed and since then he had been battling with it. Praise said he was active till July when the pains become more severe, he was later told his two kidneys have packed up and had been undergoing dialysis twice a week at NAF Base hospital, Ikeja.
Praise said “I am believing God for a miracle as I need to go for a transplant soon.”