Operation Crocodile Smile troops had  boat accident along the Brass Water Front in Brass local government area of Bayelsa state at about 10 am on Monday, September 5.

Four soldiers drowned and died, despite the effort of some armies and community boys to rescue the soldiers, yet it was not fruitful as the soldiers could not be found. And  also the service rifles belonging to the missing soldiers are missing.

According to Etta,
“In recent times,we have been noticing increased movement of soldiers in our area. The boat that capsize was conveying a new batch of soldiers to the water front. I was going to dispose of refuse at the waterfront and I saw uniformed soldiers struggling to rescue their colleagues in a capsize boat.”
“When the confusion subsided, Four Soldiers were found to be missing with their rifles and other military gear. Some others that were rescued had their rifle missing and struggling out of the water.