The p3nis of a prisoner, who resisted an attempt by his colleague to sodomise him, has been slashed with a sharp razor blade at the Ankaful Maximum Security Prison near Cape Coast in the Central Region.

The victim, name withheld, was rushed to the Prison’s infirmary with just a thin layer of flesh holding his penis to his scrotum as blood oozed out. He was given a first aid and transferred to the Interberton Hospital in Cape Coast for surgical procedure.

ONUA FM authoritative sources within the Prison told Afia Afriyie that the incident happened at about 9:00am Monday in one of the cells – Cell One Block B.

The sources said prison officers heard loud noise coming from the Block B area and when wardens rushed to the place, “they found the victim in a pool of blood with his penis almost chopped off”

The suspect, who acts as the woman in the alleged sodomy case, was said to have moved out of his/her Cell 12 to Cell One where he/she tried to force the victim to have sex with him.

When he/she failed, he/she slashed off the victim’s penis with a razor blade. Prison wardens bumped into the suspect who was fleeing the scene after mutilating the other inmate.

It is not clear where and how the suspect got the razor blade into his cell to carry out the dastardly act.

The Police Criminal Investigations Department has meanwhile been called in to investigate the matter, our sources said.

Rift between the two 3News sources revealed that the suspect has in the past weeks been trying to sodomize the victim, noting, “They were summoned before the prison authorities to resolve the issue two weeks ago”.

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