According to a post shared by Nollywood actress Diora Chidera-Adiele, a woman who was driving an SUV, was caught along Mowe/Ibafo expressway in Lagos. As police men were searching her car, they recovered the bodies of 6 children (3 males, 3 females with their heads chopped off).

Read what she wrote:

“Good evening Nigerians, I honestly do not know what the world is turning to. Yesterday on the Berger/Mowe Ibafo express, a woman and her driver in her jeep, were apprehended by the police, there was a coffin in her booth, she was shouting at the policemen and almost fighting them, claiming it was her husband’s corpse. They almost fell for her drama until God used one of the policemen to expose her evil.

This policeman smartly went to the booth, brought out the coffin and broke it open. Behold, there were 6 dead children in that coffin, 3 boys(with their body parts intact) and 3 amputated female head, with intestines of different children wrapped in foils. This woman was going out of Lagos. I am certain that was her business, until God had finished preparing her special chair in HELL where she will be sitting beside the devil. If you have children around you, be it yours or that of your friends/family/neighbour, please look after them, monitor them as closely as you can, this world is dominated by EVIL DOERS. May the souls of those innocent children and the ones nobody hears about, rest in perfect peace, GOD HELP US!!!