Petra Laszlo charged with disorderly conduct after she was filmed kicking and tripping refugees fleeing police.

Hungarian prosecutors have filed charges against a camerawoman who was filmed kicking and tripping refugees fleeing police near the country’s southern border with Serbia in September 2015.

According to reuters news agency, Petra Laszlo was charged on Wednesday for disorderly conduct after “she kicked a young man in the shin with a swift kick of the sole of her right foot, and also kicked a young girl around the knee with her right foot,”  Laszlo also kicked toward a man carrying a child in his hands, but the kick did not reach the man” but The man carrying the child still fell, because… one of the policemen tried to catch and restrain him, and he lost his balance as he broke free.

Laszlo, who later apologised, was sacked from her job at N1TV, a private right-wing television station in Hungary.