One woman who was trying to steal two children, named Hammed Rasheed, aged 6, and Farida Raheed, 2  as their mother, Simbiat, was distracted for a moment at Ojuwoye market, Mushin.

Fortunately for her, police saved her from the mob lynching and was then handed her over to the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department (SCIID) where she is behaving like a mad woman.

The identity of the suspect is still unknown and she removed her clothes even when she was invited to make a statement to the police. For this reason, she was eventually moved to a solitary cell to avoid her, attacking her cell mates.

 Sources at the SCIID said:
“Since the time they brought her, she had been misbehaving. We initially thought she was putting up a show, but we discovered it was not ordinary. She could dance from morning till night although nobody heard the music she was dancing to.
She would suddenly remove her clothes, sometimes tearing the clothes off her body. We have tried to take her statement many times, but each time, she stripped herself naked.
We usually had to force her to wear the clothes. We had to isolate her in a cell so that there would be peace. She eats like elephant and as soon as she wolfs down her food, she would start dancing. If you don’t give her food, it is another problem.

If you ask for her name, she will give you more than three names in a second. She had claimed to be Ganiyat, Cynthia, Sola, among other names.”

“It was as if she dropped from heaven. Nobody has come to look for her. We went to where she was arrested, but nobody knew where she came from.
The suspect has refused to supply any information. She has been busy dancing and making a nuisance of herself. If her relatives show up, we may release her to them for proper care. If not, she will be charged to court and the court can determine her fate.”