According to the commissioner of police in Lagos state, Mr Fatai Owoseni, the anti-extortionist squad in Lagos state have arrested 65 policemen over the past month.

The arrests were made in different parts of the state in compliance with the directive Ibrahim Idris Kpotun, the acting Nigerian Inspector General of police, on zero tolerance to corruption and unprofessional conduct.

Mr Owoseni statement:

“Some of them have been recommended for dismissal, some to be demoted in ranks. Those involved in unlawful killing have been charged to court for murder.

“The police must know when and how to use force and they will be accountable for any force used in the course of their operation. They are to use force proportionately. Their action should not make anyone orphan, widow or widower. Policemen are servants and not masters. That is the training we had and we must keep it so.”