According to The Punch, the $15 million frozen in four company accounts, which Mrs Jonathan laid claim to, the EFCC has invited some officers of the DSS attached to the former first lady.
The letter is all about allowing the DSS involved to honour the invitation for proper intorrogation.

The EFCC said they have a source as an evidence which the DSS officials had, on several occasions, deposited money into some of the accounts owned by Mrs Jonathan.


The source said:

“The $15m, which we have frozen in the four company accounts was not paid into the accounts at once. The money was paid into the accounts over a two-year period. “However, we have evidence that it was DSS officials attached to Jonathan’s wife that deposited the money. We have gathered bank documents and we have invited them for interrogation.”

“We will not like to exchange words with her on the pages of newspapers. She says the money belongs to her but she has no evidence to show that she owns the money except the fact that she was given platinum cards to use in withdrawing money. “Possessing an ATM card of an account that does not bear your name, signature or credentials does not give you the legal right over that account. We froze the accounts as part of investigations into a money laundering case. “We are still investigating and we may invite her based on the outcome of investigations. We are still trying to build a solid case.”