Annkio Briggs said her mind, in the ceremony of the second edition of the Tunji Braithwaite symposium organized in Lagos state by The Tunji Braithwaite Foundation by saying that God is not the creator of Nigeria, but the British colonialists amalgamated what is called Nigeria today for their own economic interest and benefit.



She also went on to say that nobody wants Nigeria to split, the only thing is that Niger Delta Avenger and other agitators just want the region to be developed with the money that comes from the oil explored in Niger Delta.

She said Nigeria is too big for the crop of leaders that have ruled so far and that are still ruling, for that reason leaders are confused and if people keep quiet, it brings bad governance in a country

She said:

“Nigeria was not created by God. Nigeria was created by a man called Lord Lugard for selfish economic reasons.”

“When you have 36 states and you are depending on nine states to sustain those states, then it is unfortunate and
because of oil, “we have leaders who cannot think.”
“When you have eight local governments in Bayelsa state and you have 44 in Kano state and that Kano takes 44 of what Bayelsa produces, and you say you are looking for the Avengers…don’t look for them anywhere, they are in the eight local governments.”

“They tell us the resources that we have, they tell us how much of those resources that we have, they tell us when the resources would run out, they tell us how much they would buy the resources…they used to buy it (crude oil) for $150, I can’t stop asking myself how the price went down. What mechanism did they use to bring the price of crude oil down?”
“We produce over 96 percent of the country’s resources today and yet we get about 13 percent and somebody asks: ‘what are you doing with it?’ The I ask what are you doing with the other 87 percent?”