The chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Ibrahim Magu, has informed Patience Jonathan that she would be investigated for the $15,591,700 she said belongs to her

With this reason restriction has been placed on the  account which the former first lady later claimed to be hers, meanwhile Magu said on Tuesday, September 20 that anyone guilty of money laundering will not go unpunished regardless of status.


According to The Guardian reports, Gboyega Oduwole, Mrs Jonathan’s counsel, has filed a case before the court, complaining that his client is unhappy with the EFCC over the recent move to freeze the account.

Magu said:

“We are on it (Patience’s $15,591,700). You see, we work for the long-term. We must complete our preliminary investigations before we come out. We will not spare anybody. We cannot protect anyone form answering to the people.

“Determination is key. I believe we will go a long way. Our tomorrow is better than our today.”

“The banking sector is creating a fertile ground for corruption. It was as if the banks told the looters, go and steal and I will hide it for you. This must stop. We will zoom in on the banks. We need to stop them from creating an enabling environment for corruption to thrive.”

“It is noteworthy to emphasise that the said accounts, which were in US dollar denomination, were card-based accounts and our client is the sole signatory to these accounts.