Pastor Emma Chris Ifeanyi, the founder of Rain Of Power Ministries has reased a new  prophecies concerning Nigeria and for the whole world.

Pastor Ifeanyi said that President Muhammadu Buhari is not competent enough to rule the country.

Read his statement:

“I see leaders who have the fear of God emerge. I see leaders whose priority is for people’s welfare, security and unity take their place in the country. I see leaders who are visionaries and competent ascend the throne. I see leaders who are humble, instructive, advisable, and bold and depending on God absolutely occupy the world.”

“I am not against any political party (unless the bloody ones) but against the wicked. Unless we pray and seek God this administration will be losing their men whereas some will be terribly sick only those that have the fear of God amongst them will make it.”
“God told me what will happen to North Korea and some people thought I was just predicting. Over 130 are dead and more than 100,000 have been displaced in the most recent flood caused by Typhoon lion rock.
“I’m not fake, God commissioned me to heal all manner of sickness diseases and to deliver His people and to intercede for nations. Without boasting many people have been affected positively by the mandate God gave to me. Jesus Christ remains our central figure.

“Niger Delta Avengers should ceasefire God will intervene. I would suggest let’s declare a 3 day national prayer and fasting. Pray for Murtala Mohammed Airport and Nigerian air ways so as to avert bad news. On August 16, 2016 I told you that God said there will be a little progress in Nigeria for the sake of His people. “If you want the economy to change from this worst state to good one everyone one should repent from their evil ways, I mean real change not political change (chain).”