It seems there is hope for Nigeria economy as international business owners are craving to see and discuss with president Buhari on how to invest in Nigeria.

Read about some people that are interested to do business with Nigeria:

The CEOs of financial services firms, Charles Scharf of Visa, and Ajay Banga of MasterCard, were among those scheduled to see Buhari in New York City.

Daniel Monehin who is the president of MasterCard’s division of sub-Saharan Africa, was expected to join Mr. Banga at the meeting with the president. Sources revealed that

MasterCard executives wanted to talk to President Buhari about the possible uses of public-private partnerships “to advance global financial inclusion efforts.”

Greg Brown who is the chairman and CEO of Motorola and Andrew Alli of Africa Finance Corporation also sought private meetings with President Buhari with the later planning to introduce the company’s infrastructure financing services.

Proctor & Gamble which is the largest non-oil US investor in Nigeria planned a meeting between Buhari and Mohamed Samir who is the president of India, Middle East and Africa arm wanted to seek government’s support in the company’s investment and expansion plans.

The CEO of energy firm APR Energy, John Campion wanted to talk to Buhari about prospects for a 275 megawatt fast track power project signed in 2015 with Sapele Power Plc., a private power provider in Nigeria.

Ms. Jasandra Nyker who is the CEO of another energy firm, Biotherm, also asked for a meeting to discuss the development of renewable energy capacity in Nigeria.

Ms. Kusum Kavia, President of Combustion Associates International, showed interested in briefing. Buhari about the firm’s current power projects in Nigeria, and to explore additional services in the power sector