The president’s special adviser on media and publicity, Femi Adeshina, issued a statement that President Buhari said his administration has embarked on significant economic reforms to realize that goal, in a programme that was organised by the United States Department of Commerce and Bloomberg Philanthropies and attended by political and business leaders from the United States, Africa and other regions of the world.


President Buhari said:

We intend to make Nigeria one of the most attractive places to do business.”
“We are weaning ourselves from a historical dependence on crude oil, diversifying our economy, and putting it on the path of sustainable and inclusive growth. To this end, we have embarked on policies aimed at establishing an open, rules-based and market-oriented economy. We will continue to actively engage with the private sector at the highest levels to listen to your concerns and to assure you of our commitment to creating enabling policies in which your businesses can survive and thrive.”

“These are no doubt challenging times for the Nigerian economy. But let me use this opportunity to boldly affirm our conviction that there is no crisis without an accompanying opportunity. In our case, we see Nigeria’s ongoing economic challenges – occasioned mainly by the fall in oil prices – as an opportunity to set the economy firmly on the path of true diversification, sustainable economic growth and shared prosperity.”