Prophet Anthony Nwoko, said that Nigeria as a nation was a ‘fraud’ by colonial masters and also told religious personalities and “big churches” to stop deceiving the unsuspicious residents with fake prophecies and lies, because Nigeria is facing problems.

He said that the judgment of God would soon come down on them for using the vineyard of the Lord to enrich themselves.

The man of God told President Buhari-led administration to release Nnamdi Kanu to avoid more problems for the nation and he went ahead to say that President Buhari was indirectly plotting to refresh Biafra through his policies and attitude.

Prophet Nwoko said:

“Spiritually, I want to declare to the world that I have seen Nnamdi Kanu in the spirit many times. He, Kanu is spiritually hale and hearty and nothing will happen to him. He has come to join hands and build the land, Biafra full of milk and honey.”

“Buhari’s preference for those that voted for him, collapsed infrastructure in South East, lopsided appointments and the high-handedness in dealing with armless separatist agitators in Southern parts of the country by security personnel are factors that further fuel agitation for Biafra.

“Buhari emerged the second time to bury Nigeria and resurrect Biafra. His second coming is to destroy the nation and resurrect Biafra and it has come to pass.”