The Abulfadl Foundation, an Islamic group,  based in Zaria, Kaduna state has raised the alarm saying that there is a plot to kill leader of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN) Ibrahim El-Zakzaky.

According to Ahlulbayt News Agency reports, there is a press statement released by the group on Monday, September 26, which claimed that the mention of the IMN in Boko Haram’s new video released by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is a clear pointer to the fact that something terrible could happen to El-Zakzaky soon.


The statement reads:

“The 40 minutes new video released by the specter leader of the group Boko Haram happens to be nothing but a scam and a new plot in the making to attack the incarcerated leader of the Islamic movement in Nigeria.”

“Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky, has never believe in the existence of a fighter group ‘Boko Haram’, in the philosophy of the IMN, Boko Haram is nothing but a scam created as a tool used by the government to suppress truth and further subjugate the masses.”

“The exposed plot of the Nigerian government is initiated towards the use of some elements in launching series of attacks on various locations in the country, which would serve as a practical reaction of the Shekau’s new message. They planned to attack the DSS destination where the leader of the Islamic movement is detained and blame the attack on Shekau and his group.

“A reliable source confirmed the exposed plot which we view as a serious scenario and a nonsensical decision of a government claiming to be democratic. A government that is expected to protect the life of its citizens, a government that claimed providing a ‘Protective Custody’ to Sheikh Zakzaky is on the move to end his life through any available opportunity. “With these exposed evil plot, whatever incident of attack would happen to the Islamic Movement in Nigeria and our leader, Sheikh Zakzaky, our accused finger will be pointed at the Nigerian authority, not any scam group.”