Mr. Gabriel Ebubechukwu, has lost his two 2 teenage sons, Godspower and Marvellous Ebubechukwu to the  lagoon in Ibeshe, in the Ikorodu area of Lagos State on Saturday,September 1 father of schoolboys, , who were found dead and floating on top of water.



11-year-old Godspower was in Junior Secondary School 2, his elder brother, Marvellous, 13, was in Senior Secondary School 1.

Gabriel said that he suspects foul play because the corpses of his children were recovered naked, neither their shoes nor clothes were found on the shore.


Gabriel, a teacher, who spoke on behalf of the family said:


“Nobody was at home when they came back from school on that day. They usually returned home around 3pm. When I got home at 4pm, they were nowhere to be found but their schoolbags and uniforms were on the floor. People joined me and my wife to search for them.

“When we couldn’t find them, we reported to the police at the Owode division but they told us to come back after 24 hours.

We went back on Friday and were referred to the Ipakodo division.

“It was on Saturday morning that some security men came to our house and told me they found two bodies in the lagoon. On getting there, I discovered they were Marvellous and his brother, Godspower. They were naked. I guess they went to swim with their friends. They didn’t know how to swim.

“But we did not find their clothes around the river, which made me to suspect that there is more to it. I even thought they were abducted.”