On Wednesday, about 9am, LASTMA apprehended a bus driver at the Costain bus stop, for violating a traffic rule that led to an argument between the driver, his conductor and the officials.

At the heat of the argument, the LASTMA official punched the driver, he slumped and started foaming from his mouth, which attracted the mob to barricade the road in protest, vandalised a LASTMA patrol car which drove into the protesters at the time, beating up the officials.

The mob attacked the LASTMA office in the area and vandalised vehicles in the yard before the intervention of policemen from the Iponri division.


A witness, Ibrahim Adisa, said:

“We saw that the LASTMA officials held the bus driver at the junction for breaking traffic rule. The man did not release the vehicle to them, which started an argument. The driver and the conductor then started fighting the LASTMA men.

“One of the LASTMA officials put his hand in the pocket and brought out a ring which he used to hit the driver. The man fell and started foaming in the mouth. The officials then took his bus into their yard and left him on the ground.

“A mob barricaded the road and vandalised a LASTMA patrol car that came in that time. They beat up all the officials in the car. After that, they carried the man’s body into the LASTMA’s office and chased out the workers.”