Mr Ebun-Olu Adegboruwa,  Lagos-based legal practitioner, described the action of the security agency (DSS) as “full blown dictatorship” and urged the NBA to boycott all the courts in the country because of  the overnight invasion of judges’ homes by the DSS on Saturday, October 8.

Read Adegboruwa statement:
“It is now a case of anarchists in power. The clampdown on judges has been on for a long time, through agents of government in the various institutions of oppression.
“We are now back to the 1984 jackboot system of intolerance, where all dissenting views and opinions must be silenced.
overnight destruction of one of the judges home by DSS
“It is condemnable for the DSS, which is an arm of the executive, to be breathing down on the judicial arm of government, under the guise of fighting corruption.
“It is meant to silence the opposition and to cover the inefficiency and cluelessness of this administration.”

“Since 2015 when this government was sworn in, the executive arm under General Buhari has dominated and brutalized the other two arms of government. The leadership of the National Assembly is under trial and it is now the turn of the judiciary.
“It is in this regard that the mindless invasion of the homes of judges by the DSS is totally condemnable.
“It should never happen that the executive is indirectly threatening and intimidating members of the third estate of the realm.
“As judges have no voices to speak officially, I call on the Nigerian Bar Association to declare an indefinite strike so that all courts of law in Nigeria will be boycotted until there is respect for the rule of law and the Constitution, commencing from Monday, October 10, 2016, until further notice.”