Alex Ekwueme, former vice president and founding member of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), said that  former President Goodluck Jonathan disappointed south-east zone who heavily supported him in 2011 presidential election.


According to Vanguard, Ekwueme said:

“As I said in an interview in the past, Jonathan didn’t treat us very well for the support he got in 2011; which he confessed to me himself was more than what he got from his people in the south-south.

“He gave an example, that the people who were running against him tried to get a running mate from the south-east, but none of them succeeded in getting a running mate from the southeast to run against him; but even in his own south-south, Oyegun was a running mate to somebody; and when the election was over the Youth Corps members who were brutalised in Bauchi were people from the southeast, not people from the south-south. He told me this himself.
“So, he had every reason to be fair-minded and equitable in his distribution of resources.

“But we could not go from Enugu to Onitsha on a federal road, you couldn’t go from Enugu to Port-Harcourt on a federal road, we couldn’t go from Aba to Okigwe on a federal road; you couldn’t go from Owerri on the federal road. None of the federal roads in the south-east was motorable.”