So many people have criticized the arrest of the judges by DSS which is the work of EFCC to arrest and handle corruption cases. But in the other hand Abubakar Malami-led Ministry of Justice moved to the DSS for help after the EFCC failed to act on previous petitions. It was also revealed that the relationship between the justice ministry and the EFCC was tensed as EFCC latter failed to investigate and prosecute the suspected judges.

Read what the source said:
“From all indications, because of the EFCC’s seeming inaction on some of these cases, the ministry of justice has now resorted to forwarding the petitions to the DSS. Obviously the EFCC is not happy with this.”

“The point of disagreement came from the investigation into the petitions. While the EFCC thought that the DSS should steer clear of the petitions because it had already worked on them, the service and the Federal Ministry of Justice insisted that the commission was slow in its investigations.”

“It is a DSS operation. The EFCC is not involved. The raids carried out on the judges’ residents have affected our ongoing investigation into the activities of some of the judges. “What this has done is that they have alerted those suspected judges. With what they have done, they have alerted them to be careful.”