A security personnel told Punch that, despite the fact that they are happy over the release of the 21 Chibok girls, they are at the same time worried and not comfortable with the exchange because the terrorists commanders could impact negatively on the campaign to end terrorism in Nigeria.

A top military figure said:

“You must understand that it is not all information that we release to people. The lives of those girls were at stake. Negotiations securely rest on the shoulders of political leaders, but that does not mean that military operations will not continue.
“We must protect the civilian populace from attacks and build confidence in the citizenry.

“It was a political decision, we are under the political leadership. We derive our mandate from the constitution as provided for by democratic governance.

“The military action must continue and it is going on as planned. We are working round the clock, in concert with other security agencies, to ensure that the remaining girls are also rescued.