According to Vanguard reports, 14 Fulani herdsmen in Jema’a local government area of Kaduna state, were hacked to death inside vehicles and then burnt to ashes by angry mob on Monday, October 17.

The killing of the 14 Fulani herdsmen has caused rioting in Godogodo region of Jema’a local government area in Kaduna and it was as a result of the long-running conflicts between herdsmen and farmers in northern Nigeria.

Adamu Aliyu, an eyewitness and a commercial bus driver said:


“I was returning from Plateau state with eight passengers, all of them Fulani herders,” the eyewitness said. “While I was away a mob surrounded the vehicle and forcibly brought out the eight passengers. They hacked them to death, dumped them in the vehicle and set it ablaze.”

“Another vehicle was also attacked when it stopped to refuel and all the six people were burnt to death along with the car.”

“When the situation calmed I returned to my vehicle and found its burnt carcass with charred remains of the passengers.”