Mercy Aigbe and her husband have been in marital crisis as Mercy claimed that her husband has been beating her,  which is termed as domestic violence.

Mercy claimed that her husband, Mr Lantern Gentry has been begging her for forgiveness in privacy. Even showed her pictures of her wounded face as a result of the beating from her husband.

But now it seems as if Lanre Gentry wants to make it up for his wife,  Mercy Aigbe as he took to his instagram and tenders public apology to Mercy for peace to rain.

 Read the apology:

“For peace to reign, I’m going to bury all hatchet and break the bone of contention between myself and Mercy Aigbe Gentry. I’m sorry to those who I’ve hurt with my actions and comment/words. Mercy, you claimed that I’m begging you behind curtains, OK here I am begging you openly. I’m sorry!!! This drama is exhausting and I’m done with it all.”