A young man named Steve Harris,  the managing consultant at EdgeEcution who hails from Asaba, Delta State released a word of advice to people.

Steve Harris said people should not limit the vision for their lives.

He showed his old and new photos to proof his message.


Read his message:


Look at these pics… and see the story behind them They feel like world’s apart.
In the 1st pic, I was broke. I had just had our baby girl a few months after I quit my corporate job to start my dream of becoming a writer, coach & eventual Thought Leader.

It was only six years ago.
No one knew me. I was writing my book on two paint buckets & using my wife’s LaserJet printer to send out proposals to corporate clients.

One night, my wife, baby and I slept in my car overnight because we didn’t have fuel to power the generator.

It broke my heart, and it forced me to make an all-or-nothing decision:

I was either going to become a successful consultant/ coach or die trying.

I decided I was not going to waste my days wondering “what if” or marching to the beat of other people’s drums

I decided to #ChaseMyGreatness with #RuthlessExecution

I decided to stop letting my small business make me small-minded;

I decided not to worry about the critics

And that leads to the bottom photos.

The man on the right is the same guy (only better looking), driven by a fierce desire to live intentionally, make a difference & chase his greatness.

My daily routine is still the same: writing, speaking, recording, coaching, pouring out my heart, trying to figure out how to inspire people.

I’ve also realized that what it took me to get here is the least required to keep me here.

As of today, I’ve been mentioned as one of the Top 100 Business Coaches To Follow On Twitter 4 times! I’ve been featured in international magazines like The Economist and Slate Magazine
My online courses & live events have consistently sold out (thank you, Jesus)

So here’s my point.

Never limit the vision you have for your life based on your current circumstances or competencies.

Please believe in your dream, no matter how small it all feels now.

The journey to chasing your greatness begins the moment your desire for ease and comfort is overpowered by your drive for challenge and contribution

Don’t forget that growth and greatness often come from those seemingly endless, fruitless days and nights of faith and discipline.

Keep working, don’t stop, believe.