According to Radio Biafra reporter, Shadrach Paul Bako, a Southern Kaduna Christian sent a message to Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of IPOB about what will be their faith if them that are from Southern Kaduna join the Biafra struggle.

Nnamdi Kanu told Southern Kaduna Christians that Biafra will never abandon them.

Read the message:

What plans do you have for those of us from Southern Kaduna if we join or support your struggle? It is not enough to say the words. We need to know where we stand in the scheme of things. As it is, the future looks grime and the night will soon come and it will be full of terror.

Lay out your plans for us and let’s see what happens.

I like this post particularly because it seems to suggest that the agitators for the sovereign state of Biafra understand that Southern Kaduna is not and can NEVER be a part of the hoodlums who issued quit notice to the Igbos under the guise of Arewa youths. WE DON’T HATE IGBOS AND THE RECORDS OF OUR RELATIONSHIP IS THERE FOR ALL TO SEE.

Where do WE as a people belong in your plan, Mr. Nnandi Kanu? What will be our place in Biafra if we swear allegiance to your cause?