Major Hamza Al-Mustapha,Former Chief Security Officer to the late Head of State, General Sani Abacha spoke in Lagos about his freedom 15 years after he was unjustly jailed.

The former Chief Security Officer talked about his freedom

He said, “God Almighty granted me freedom 15 years after I was unjustly jailed by those who did not want Nigerians to know the truth. My focus now is about the progress and development of the country. I regard Dr. Frederick Fasehun as a father, a mentor and a great man. I appreciate the spirit of unity that brought him and Comrade Oghenevo together. You appreciate that when elders criss-cross and fertilize ideas, good comes out of it.”


He also talked about Making progress

He said, “If we want to make progress in Nigeria, we should first have faith in God because He did not make mistake creating us as Nigerians. God could have created us as Asians, Europeans or Americans, but he chose to create us as Nigerians. Those who strive to keep Nigeria one find themselves as enemies of a certain category of Nigerians. I don’t see those who hate to see Nigeria as one as a group but a clique that exploits the country,, a clique that mismanages the future, a clique that invests in disintegration , a clique that invests in misinformation and creating division among Nigerians, a clique that promotes hatred, a clique that distorts our history. So that when Nigerians are divided and can no longer think together, they can make gains and continue to steal from Nigeria’s commonwealth. But the moment you realize what they are doing and resolve to fight them, they will stop at nothing to destroy you.


Mustapha talked about the agitators and need for restructuring

” Greed for power, money and affluence does not make us great. However, dedication and service to the people should be our driving force. I am calling for a platform where all Nigerians would be treated equally in a democratic setting that supports the younger and future generations. Any call to divide Nigeria is unacceptable. I have been playing a role to ensure a united Nigeria. I have been criss-crossing the North and the South-East, and to all parties concerned, soliciting for peace. I was recently in Owerri to sign a peace accord with some associations and the North. My understanding is that certain people are investing in these problems to promote themselves, but very soon the government would realize it. If Arewa youths had addressed IPOB as a group or their leader Nnamdi Kanu as an individual, it would have been a fair- deal, but asking millions of Igbo that reside in the North to quit is not acceptable by law and the provisions of our Constitution. We have spoken to the Northern Leaders Forum as well as Ralph Uwazuruike because Nnamdi Kanu was his boy, he brought him up to be in the Radio House in London. The people creating tension in Nigeria are behind Kanu. What he is doing may not necessarily be to create tension but those behind him are investing in the tension to divide us as a nation. But our security agencies are doing a lot to identity them. All I am after is the creation of a platform that is sincere and that caters for indigent Nigerians.”


He explained his adventure in the army

He said, “I believe God did not mistakenly create me as a Nigerian. God took me to the military as a toddler. As a soldier, I began to understand the games played against Nigerians. I am ready to offend mankind but never to offend my creator. For decades as a young officer, I never lobbied for an opportunity to serve in any capacity. But I tried to do my best to serve anywhere I was asked to serve in order to change the place. It was with this spirit that I became a 2nd lieutenant in the military. I never served in a non-sensitive position in the army. And in the process of serving, I became an enemy to very powerful people. I am aware of the rich and highly influential people in Nigeria. I also know the opportunities they have had to better Nigeria but they decided to exploit the country. This is the game I will never be part of and that is why I always pray for Nigerians to understand their environment and the role of these people and their antics. With this in mind, some of us continue to serve and we served for years. At a stage, we were framed and sold to the people as the worst and most devilish people on earth. Attempts were made to kill me, but it never happened. For 15 years, I was put in jail; for five years and two months, I was in solitary confinement being tortured. Nobody among those who subjected me to that ever believed I would survive! Even if I would survive, none of them believed I would be healthy, and that if I came out healthy, none of them believed my thinking faculty would be intact! But since I am in a forum where love and patriotism brought us together, there is no way I could keep away. And going by the influence of those who persecuted me and tagged me the devil, and those who paid heavy amounts to poison me, and those that paid money for me to be assassinated, I am still wondering how I escaped.

Source: Vanguard