Dele Momodu wrote :

I was seriously angry after seeing a video
purportedly showing how our soldiers were brutalising fellow Nigerians and subjecting them to the worst indignities known to mankind.

I’ve been praying that the videos were shot in outer space and not anywhere near Nigeria. But if what I saw very vividly actually took place on our planet and in this our dear beloved nation, then we’ve truly missed the road. I did not see any sign of weapons with these hapless victims of oppression and repression.

At the very worst, even if as the military authorities claimed, that the soldiers were pelted with pebbles and stones, the treatment meted out to the personalities in the video is undeserved by any human being.

How was the response from the military commensurate to that of the supposed hoodlums? Was it not an act of
provocation in itself for soldiers to be engaging in drills in an area already soaked with tension?

Let me stretch the argument a bit further. Whose idea was it to draft the soldiers onto the streets to intimidate Nigerians in areas where there was no war? How can anyone send soldiers to threaten a people who already feel marginalised and are saying so very resoundingly?

What is wrong with empowering members of the Nigeria Police Force and
especially the anti-riot police squad to tackle cases of hooliganism and even terrorism. Soldiers are meant to come out in open battle only in extreme
cases where there is total chaos and mayhem.

President Muhammadu Buhari has wittingly or inadvertently walked into the trap cleverly set for him by the Biafra secessionists.

Kanu and company have read the President well knowing his proclivity for no- nonsense and high-handedness. Mark my words in no distance time nigeria government fears “BIAFRA” will come true right before our eyes