18 year-old Mary Olaniyan, a student of the Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo state, narrated her ordeal experience and miraculous escape from a forest she found herself after she became unconscious in a cab she boarded in front of her school gate on September 1, 2017.

She explained:

” If not for the divine intervention of God, I might have become a human to be carved up as body parts for ritual killers.”

“After finishing lectures on campus that day, I was heading home when I boarded the kidnappers’ vehicle at about 6.30pm outside the main gate of my college along the Ondo-Ore highway. Four men were already seated in the vehicle painted in Ondo State taxi colours.”

“I boarded the taxi alongside a lady at the same location and two other men. The two of the men were going to Yaba in Ondo town.”

“As soon as I boarded the vehicle I became unconscious and by the time I regained my consciousness, I found myself in a building located inside a thick forest. I didn’t know the exact town where the forest is located but it is a very thick forest.”

“I discovered that there were two guys and three ladies that had already been kidnapped and kept inside the building in the forest. The three men that kidnapped us were there  too.”

“The men did not give us food for the time we were there, they were giving us only water.”

“They killed their victims and sold their body parts to “big men” customers many of whom I saw visiting the camp in expensive cars.

“I saw strange men coming in big vehicles to collect some things in cellophane bags. I knew it had to be human flesh.”

“How I escaped from the hands of my captors,  is divine, I escaped while they (captors) were quarrelling with one another. I used the opportunity of the fight to escape, alongside other victims, into the bush.”

“Fight broke out among the kidnappers over money. The money was given to them by one of their customers, who came and left with something they put in a cellophane bag too.”

“They did not watch us as they fought. That was when we used the opportunity to run out of the building in the forest.”

I trekked for three days in the forest untill I got to Ile-Oluji-Ipetu Ijesa Road, where I met a lady on the road and asked for directions to Ondo town.

I was then told that I was close to Ile-Oluji. Soon after trekking along the road, I got to Igbo Oja village near Ondo where I made efforts to reach my mother on the mobile phone I begged to use from a resident.