Evangelist Elliot Uko, during an interview granted to him said the way Nigeria as a nation is running her affairs by marginalising some parts of the country is unfair.

He also said that Nnamdi Kanu is a helping hand to Nigeria,  for the fact that he made so many Nigerians to start thinking and talking about restructuring of Nigeria which has never been in agenda of Nigerians.

He said: From the eastern region, where I come from, 95% of the masses are solidly behind Nnamdi Kanu. The only people who don’t like Nnamdi Kanu are the political class who are the direct beneficiaries of the unjust unitary structure and the unworkable military constitution of 1999.

The youth of the eastern region are fed up with Nigeria. Every year they sit for JAMB. Over 700,000 of them sit for JAMB.

In the 5 south-east states, over 80% of them will score marks over 130, over 120, over 100, but they will not get admission, because the cut-off mark of their region is higher, at 130-plus.

They will watch and see some states in the north that have only about 5,000 JAMBites, and they have cut-off mark of 10, 15, 20, and all of them will get admission.

The worst is that after our children struggle to graduate, there will be no job for them but every Northern graduates get job immediately.

So those young men and women, they see IPOB as the only way of escape. They believe Nigeria hates them with passion, and they desire a country of their own.

By Evangelist Elliot Uko