Personal Opinion:

Majority of Nigerians thought BUHARISM was an ideology meant to propel equity, justice and fair play among NIGERIANS irrespective of socio-political, ethnic/religious status or background. It was also a thought of many NIGERIANS that, BUHARISM will have the political will to fight all social vices, more especially moral and financial corruption bedeviling the country to a standstill and embark on both human and infrastructural revolution which by extension and in the long run will certainly have an impact on the African continent.

Unfortunately, all the thoughts and expectations of NIGERIANS turned into an illusion and the worst part of it considering Mr. President inaugural speech which says and I quote “I belongs to everybody and belongs to nobody” remain just a speech instead of reality because there is no any convincing action in that regard till date apart from few achievement recorded by the administration which are but not limited to the following:

• Observing the rules of law by officially writing to the NASS informing them of transmitting power to the Vice President while on health vacation to London and

• Remittance of the recovered cash looted funds to the treasury by EFCC under Ibrahim Magu stewardship but without mandate from NASS to utilize the funds for public interest.

Furthermore, apart from the above listed two ineffective performance/achievement recorded by the BUHARISM administration (I call it ineffective performance because it has no direct bearing toward salvaging the suffering of a common man on the street) there is no other performing indicators to show any improvement in socio-economic wellbeing of Nigerians because poverty is always on the increase couple with the economic galloping inflation in the country. It is on record that, PMB contested for an election three times without success and only for God Almighty Allah to show him, Nigerians and the world at a time when he already give-up that, he is the one living God who make things at the time he destined it to happen. Unfortunately, looking at the way things are happening under PMB watch and stewardship, it seems Mr President was never prepared in his quest to rule Nigeria because it is glaring that, Mr. president do not have a blue print plan for execution or any idea on how to turn the country around for the betterment of all, or do not understand the dynamics of the 21st century democratic government/governance or do not have a patriotic team/cabinet members to help steer the ship of the country so as to take the country out of the wood and reach out to the promise land of our dream.

Perhaps, the same PMB today who was shedding tears for the masses during campaign periods turn around with an anti masses policies executions which in turn only give upper hand to the rich and those in the corridor of power to favour only their cronies, families and friends into lucrative MDAs employments opportunities such as CBN, FIRS, MIMASA, FAAN etc and which to an extend some political appointment were done base on cash and carry instead of recognizing and considering the real political foot soldiers through which their crown efforts God Almighty makes it possible for the long expected victory over the 16 years rule of the PDP government to come true. Surprisingly, these supporters of yours were all left to the mercy of God Almighty till today. As it is now, even the social intervention Programme (N-Power Programme) created for the children of the downtrodden/masses (unemployed graduates from poor background) to benefit directly from the government is believe to have been hijacked by those in the corridor of authority. To portrays my point with facts, there was a time out of one thousand (1,000) slots/beneficiaries assign to Adamawa state, four hundred and ten (410) slots/beneciaries was from the suspended (SGF) Babachir David Lawal’s Local Government Area leaving behind the remaining 22 Local Government Areas in the state to share the remaining five hundred and ninty (590) slots/benefiacies. The issue of resettlement of IDPs caused by Boko Haram insurgency in the north east is another big issue waiting to explode.

It was recently reveal that, while Mr. President was on Medical vacation in London, his loyal, honest and respected Vice President was alleged to have approved the whooping sum of Eighteen Billion Naira (#18 Billion) out of the Fourty Eight Billion Naira (#48 Billion) as approved in 2017 budget for the reconstruction of North East to one of your kitchen cabinet with the connival of the state minister for budget and planning for just one Local Government under the auspices called Bama Initiatives out of 112 LGAs meant to benefit under the Presidential Commiittee on North-East Initiatives (PCNI) scheme. There are many unrevealed cases of this nature which are yet to come to the fore. What a shame of a people whose love for money is above human life.

In conclusion, it was strongly believed by all Nigerians that when PMB come into power he will create equal opportunity and make life better for average NIGERIANS but unfortunately, here we are today even the farm produce (Maiza and millet) purchased and stocked by government instead of making it available in the market places or at designated selling points in order to reduce the galloping inflation in the market its finally end up supplying to breweries by those in authority or their agents. However, we can not also deny the facts that, the government of PMB didn’t enjoy maximum support and coorperations from the NASS and Judiciary, more especially on the passage of executive bills that will impact positively on the lives of an average Nigerian. On the other hand, the judiciary is presume to be the engine wire of any democratic government in the world but in our own case here in Nigeria reverse is the case. Notwithstanding, till today; the three basic necessity of human life (Food, Clothing and Shelter) remain the greatest challenge to Nigerians. However, some people close to the corridor of power will always say Nigerians are not hungry just because they can afford to get any kind/type of food stuffs using government resources. Then, what about the common man or people that are not close to the corridor of power or doesn’t have single representation or working either in government or private establishment? Are they not also Nigerians that suppose to be taken care of by the government? People are dying on daily basis because non of the basic infrastructures is fully functional in Nigeria after almost three years in office. Our road networks still in bad shape and can only be seen repaired in the pages of newspapers, whopping sum of Seven Hundred and Fourty Naira only (#740 Billion) spent on power/electricity under your stewardship yet Nigerians still experience power outages more than before you assumed office, Hospitals still in bad shape, education sector nothing is moving because even lecturers are on strike now, pipe-born water without treatment plants, unemployment is on the increase which also breed more insecurity across the country ranging from Boko Haram, IPOB, MOSSOB, OPC, Niger Delta Avengers, Kidnappers and Fulani herdsmen. Our respected President Sir, considering your level of dedication, patriotism and eagerness to move Nigeria forward is appreciated by all Nigerians because your anticidents, quality, integrity, ability, willingness and the zeal is 101% acknowledged as an individual. No doubt about it!

Finally Mr. President Sir, my piece is just meant to draw your attention on some burning issues which you may know or may not know and which we believe people surrounding you will always tell you that all is well. To be kindid, all is not well because Nigerians are going through the worst life challenging and hardship under your stewardship as President and Commander – In – Chief of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Beware of sycophants springing up in the name of new organisations galvanizing support for your administration and their agents in your government. Beware of print, visual and social media propagandas which are only good in press singing even when things are too bad. With the estimated budget of #7.44 Trillion and #6.07 Trillion in 2016 and 2017 respectively, when Nigerians were expecting to see Mr. President revitalizing and commissioning the closed down textile industries in Kaduna, Kano and Ajakuota Steel Rolling Company in Kogi state and in other part of the country, due to corruption and maladministration of the past and Dredging of River Niger which in turn may create million jobs opportunities for the teaming youths and burst Nigeria economy, but here we are seeing Mr. President commissioning a private established OLAM FARM (Former AFCOT Company) along Kaduna – Abuja Road. In fact, the budgets under your able leadership is not in anyway making impact or touching the life of a common man in the country. Sir, it will interest you to know that, procrastination by so many supporters of your administration/government will not help you in anyway and indeed, I am not the most learned or an intelligent person in Nigeria but I feel you owe me good leadership in return to my/our contributions which In Shaa Allah led to your success during the 2015 electioneering campaign and the subsequent general election that give birth to the APC government you represent today. Nigerians appreciate your concerted efforts in the fight against corruption, Boko Haram Insurgency in the North-East and raising up of our Foreign Echange Reserves to the tune of $31Trillion as at August, 2017. Notwithstanding, you can still look inward to tack-down the loopholes in your cabinet before your hard earned reputation got jeopardized. It is my sincere hope that, you should not and never under-estimate or misconstrue reward for a political loyalty in a political/democratic system of government for everything about politics/democracy end up here on earth and the reward for it should equally be done here on earth. May God Almighty Allah be with you and also on the side of the good people of Nigeria to defeat the so called cabals and political shenanigans surrounding you by giving you the wisdom and to opening your eyes to see things the way it is and how it can be corrected. Ameen

Thank you and Best regards,

Yours Faithfully,
ESV. Jibrilla Madu Gadzama
National Coordinator,
APC National Youth Vanguard.