Many children from Kwadanti Shafaran Village of Adamawa State, were said to be attacked and killed by Bachama people on Monday in the hour’s of the night.

Rasullulla (S.A.W) was reported to have said:

“one of the signs of the last days is Harj. and the companions ask oh Rasullulla what is Harj and he replied so many killing and killings so much so that the one who is killed does not know why he is been killed and the one who kills also doesn’t know why he has killed”.

“This killings have history, it didn’t just start now, but no matter what there can be no dignity and glory in the slaughtering of innocent people and children”.

“Let us collectively condemn this heinous and dastardly act, it is unlike of a people described as the best of Nations ever raised”.

“let’s justice come to those who deserve it and let peace be the message that we must preach from now until time immemorial”.

“Our hearts are with the people of Kwadanti Shafaran village, may the departed innocent soul’s find solace in the bosom of the Lord”.

Facebook user, Ukasha Sani Liman who shared photos, said the incident occurred on Monday, 20th November, 2017. Here’s what he wrote;

“This is the Sallah burial and grave of the Fulani’s that were killed by Bachama tribe in kwadomti Shafaran village of Numan LGA Adamawa State. May their souls rest in perfect peace and Jannatul Fiddausi be there final home in Paradise….!!!!”