Slavery in Libya first began with Arabs who enslaved an ethnic group of Black people known as Tuareg they are the Indigenous People of Libya before Arabs conquered and took over North African continent such as Libya, Tunisia , Morocco and other countries in Africa such as Mauritania, Arabs in the first place do not like Black people for so many years they referred to us as Slaves one thing about them is they hate to hear about them enslaving our people and want to hear Europeans version of Slavery.

I can tell you bodly that Arabs were part of it enslaving our people, Arabs enslaved Blacks in Libya it was the Tuareg but Slavery was abolished in 1853 in Tripoli Libya Capital it continued again in 1890s abusing black women and having sex with them selling them in sex slavery in 2011, when black men who came as migrants were also abused and Arabs spit on their faces putting them in jails asking them to give them money by force, men were beaten to death because they believed Blacks never exist and don’t have the same right now we are in 2017 Slavery still happen in Libya this should tell you history now repeat itself.

Libyan governments have it’s hand in it, Arabs are working and making money out of blacks being Slaves, Mummar Gaddafi wanted Unity but now it is the opposite , Slavery also happened in Morocco, Tunisia and Mauritania in Africa controlled by Arabs now I want to tell you this Arabs never wanted to recognized us as the Indigenous People of North Africa but rather to destroy our history men are forced to have sex with Arab men by force back in 2011 and even in 2017 , the true images remember we had Empires but now because of their evil mentality they looked down upon us disrespect us and refer to us a slave, Slavery in Libya is dangerous our men and women are abused and burnt forced from camps and sold into markets in Tropli and other parts of Libya, my message to all Black people in Diaspora and Africa let’s join in and raise our voices and awaken our leaders they need to wake up and fight back.

Say No To Slavery !🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣


  • Written by Kwame Selikem Okatakyie