Chief Tony Rodney Ajaelu, the Honourable Commissioner for Sports, Youth and Public Safety in Imo State, narrate his ordeal in the hands of SARS operatives on his facebook page

According to the commissioner, he was travelling to Lagos with his sports colleague for AG meeting when SARS officers harassed them and took all their belongings including money, along Asaba-Benin expressway.

He seriously called on IG of police to do something about SARS and remove the bad eggs in police force for Nigeria to be a better place for the masses.


Read his narration:

TODAY I and my sports colleague travelling to Lagos for AG meeting of the Nigeria Cricket Federation was robbed by these so called SARS officers along Asaba to Benin expressway.

The CP of Edo should look into this matter and find this group of police officers who continue to disgrace the police force. For 2hrs we were held hostage with handcuffs not minding that I identified myself as a Commissioner in Imo State.

Every money found on us and in our bags were taken, my wrist watch was taken, my pepper spray was taken, other valuables were taken too.

So many times during this ordeal guns were corked and we were told that they will shoot us dead and nothing will happen. Our Phones were taken away from us, so that we can’t make any call, the place was so lonely and they forced us to park where their hidden car was parked. A brown Camry written police by the two sides of it.

From that point were we are, you will not see a passing car approach till it vooms past. You will imagine when they eventually told us to go and I reminded the one they were calling commander that we had no other money with us, the six of them started debating how much should be given to us, after about 10minutes one brought 3,500 out of over 40,000 they took.y

As we were still with the one who brought the money, another officer came with an extra 1,500 and added. We were now been forced to drive off. Even when we noticed that oil was dropping from our car and wanted to check.

They refused and told us to go to somewhere else and do the repairs. If at my level and status, I got such treatment, I wonder what our innocent citizens are seeing out there. IG Sir, pls some of these bad eggs should be carefully removed from the Police force to bring sanity. Nigeria must be better.