Abia state police men arrested 6 Kidnappers, Rescued a Victim and Recovered 2 AK47 Rifles, 6 Magazines loaded with 180 Rounds Of Live Ammunition that were hidden in a Special compartment Constructed under the Operational Vehicle Of the Kidnappers in Abia State.


The arrest happened on the 18th December 2017 in follow up to the kidnapping of Elder Benjamin Okoye, a 76year old man whom the kidnappers apprehended on the 15th December 2017 in Aba Abia State.

The kidnappers demanded 80 Million Naira as a ransom to be paid by the victims relatives before their victim will be released.

IRT Operatives deployed by IGP Ibrahim Idris Swung into action and Eventually Arrested 2 Of the Kidnappers in Aba town who took Combined teams of IRT Operatives and CPS Aba Police Personnel To the Kidnappers Camp at Okpukwu Umuobo Area Of Aba Town where the 3 bedrooms House rented and use for keeping Victims by the Kidnappers was Raided and the Ailing Victim Mr Benjamin Okoye 76yrs Hypertensive Patient kept without his Drugs was Rescued alive and 4 more Kidnappers were Arrested with bullet wounds inside the house as they attempted to escape.

The Six Kidnappers Arrested So far


1) Chinonye Anoro 26yrs,
2) Prince Sylvester 35yrs owner and Driver of the Operational Bus used for 8 Kidnappings in Aba,
3) Kingsley Papa 45yrs,
4) Ugbonabo Danjuma 43yrs Gangleader,
5) Moses Clever 31yrs
6) Ogoro James 26yrs.

All Suspects Confessed to Several Kidnappings within Aba and other parts of Abia State. Four out of the six kidnappers further confessed that they formed their gang from the Prison and as they came out from Prison this October they recruited others and Started Kidnapping.

The 2 AK47 Rifles Used for their operations also recovered in a Special Compartment they constructed under their Operational Golf Car. Seriuos efforts to arrest remaining gang members in Progress.

The rescued victim